What People Are Saying

My company invited Your People Potential to offer wellbeing assessments along with a coaching plan for interested employees. At first I was a bit dismissive but eventually decided to give it a go based on colleague’s testimonies. In the initial assessment Jacqui figure out some suitable goals and areas to improve, after the follow up sessions the changes to my life both inside and outside of work are impressive. I now feel more in control of my future and have some tools to help me along the way. The results-focused approach was tailored to my individual needs and the progress tracking between sessions really worked well. Thank you Jacqui!

– CO, Electronic Engineer

“I came to Jacqui looking for help as I knew that hypnotherapy worked and I had a problem which I thought was a shallow problem of snacking, to which I realised was a deeper issue. Jacqui was so warm, welcoming and non judgmental. I had a total of two sessions and during that time period I went from somebody who relied on snacking to pass the time, to somebody who realised that I didn’t need that in my life and this completely redirected my focus. Jacqui was super amazing and so so helpful in redirecting my focus and reprogramming my thought process. Thank you Jacqui!”

– GH, Hospitality Professional